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Handy Extras


For Kitchens, Workshops or anywhere.  Recommended for kitchens where you want fast and fuss free cleaning. It can be used in other areas such as a workshop. Use a broom to gather the dirt close to the opening, and lightly kick the flap to switch on the motor. Whoosh! The dirt is sucked away. The device is fitted into the kickboard of the kitchen cabinet. The Vac Pan has a positive seal, minimizing leaks.  They are available in white, black or chrome.
sweep to Vacpan    Vac-Pan-Stainless-Steel


The on/off switch is a handy feature on the handle of this 9 metre quality hose.  Saves pulling out the hose from the inlet on the wall. A simple press of a switch.

switch handle hose


This soft cloth cover slips over the hose to prevent scratches and scuff marks to paint work and fragile furniture edges. It is a washable grey material. To fit or remove the sock, use the cardboard tube. See photos. Alternatively, you could use a ZIPPERED VAC SOC.  This is very easy to fit and remove.
vac soc application1 <--vac soc application2ZIPPERED HOSE SOCKZippered Hose Sock  


This “high performance” turbine powerhead provides a 305mm cleaning path with great edge cleaning to both sides of the brush, due to the centre drive on the geared belt. The T shaped design lets you move easily around chair and table legs. The low profile is designed to slip under the bed or coffee table easily. You will achieve deep, thorough cleaning.

Turbo catTurbo Cat underneath

WAND EXTENSIONS (Aluminium preferred for high ceilings)

This is extremely handy for reaching up to vacuum the spiders, cockroaches and insect debris on your ceiling. Fit this aluminium wand onto your normal wand kit.

high corners   high ceiling fan
Standing on the balcony we can reach  4 metres to a “difficult to access” corner.  We suggest you use a “Dusting brush”.   Use of the “Dust-Up Mop Tool” for ceiling and easily reaching 4 metres.